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By Patrick Cooper, Mar 8 2017 10:34AM

Many men panic when they receive an invitation to a black tie event. Questions run through their mind: "What does black tie mean?" "Does my tuxedo still fit?" "Do I even remember how to wear it?"

The reality is far less mysterious. Black tie is the simplest dress code for men because the rules are clearly enumerated.

Black tie is often considered the pinnacle of modern formality (aside from white tie, which has been completely forgotten about, and is almost never worn aside from royal weddings).

Here's what you need to wear for a black tie event:

- A completely black tuxedo with a white formal shirt featuring a wing collar, finished with a black satin bow tie. Sometimes a black satin cummerbund is added, but that is becoming less and less common.

- Black socks and black patent leather shoes are non-negotiable for footwear here.

Recently, some men have edited their black tie ensembles. They have instead worn ivory jackets, navy tuxedos, or suede shoes. This deviation makes tuxedos a degree or two less formal, and it will be frowned upon at more conservatively dressed events.

By Patrick Cooper, Mar 7 2017 10:45AM

You know the drill. For men, a suit and tie (or at least a button-down shirt with dress trousers/jeans). For ladies, a dress, trouser suit or blouse with a skirt or dress trousers. And oh, yeah, completely funky socks or leggings (you know, the orange and purple polka dot ones).

What you wear matters to others--and to you

Researchers know that what you wear affects how others think of you--it's an entire field known as embodied cognition. For example, when people were shown images of a man in an off-the-peg suit and in a made-to-measure one, they rated the man in the made-to-measure suit as more confident, successful, flexible, and higher-earning. So it's possible to direct others' perceptions of you, just by being pickier about what you slip into. What's more, your clothes can affect how you feel and perceive yourself, too--there's truly some science behind dressing the part.

What those bold socks are communicating

Over-the-top socks are in the same vein as, say, a dramatic pair of eyeglasses frames or hairstyle. They tell others that you're a bit of a creative rebel who can think for himself, all while showing a playful side that can help others connect with you. They also can send the message that you're somewhat powerful--if you're wearing out-of-the-box socks, people may infer you must have earned the right to do your own thing and work outside the norm.

Edginess isn't limited to your feet

But what if bold socks or leggings aren't your thing? Don't sweat it. You can push the envelope for a bit of edginess in other ways, such as just layering some more conventional pieces. The trick is just to keep your audience in mind. For instance, people tend to follow instructions more carefully if you're dressed like they are, likely because the clothing similarity makes them feel more connected to you and, therefore, pay more attention. Keep it neat and clean and, from there, take "professional" with a grain of salt.

By Patrick Cooper, Oct 7 2016 10:56AM

The highest quality tailoring and most convenient service is key to our success, with this in mind we are proud to announce that The Tailor Company are expanding our visiting tailor service to include the whole of the UK and Ireland. We are the only visiting tailors to offer this service nationwide.

Our clients can now arrange an appointment with a Personal Tailor at a weeks notice, you don't even have to leave the office - we come to you.

To arrange an appointment or to discuss your requirements please send an email to

We look forward to working with you in the near future.

By Patrick Cooper, Apr 15 2016 09:58AM

Continuing our popular How To Pack It series with: dress trousers. And just a quick note., although I’m using the term “dress trousers” for this post, the way we’re showing you how to fold dress trousers to pack in a suitcase (or carry-on) can be applied to jeans, chinos, or any other kind of trousers you can think of!

Use the images for our step-by-step guide and read on for answers to some commonly asked questions.

Why not fold in quarters instead of thirds? Won’t it save space?

Good question. You certainly can fold in quarters instead of thirds, but by adding an extra fold in there, you’re adding an extra crease to remove once you get to your destination.

Is it possible to pack in such a way so the trousers don’t wrinkle?

As we mentioned before, you can attempt to lessen the amount of wrinkling by placing the garment in a sealable plastic bag after folding it. However, it’s still going to require some ironing/steaming once you get to your destination. I recommend investing in a travel steamer.

How long does it take fold with this method?

Less than a minute.

I need to pack shirts and a blazer too – how do I do that?

Have a look at our recent blogs for more "How To" guides.

Thanks for reading.

By Patrick Cooper, Apr 14 2016 01:06PM

When you’re packing for travel – whether that’s a weeklong holiday, a weekend getaway, or a quick overnighter – it’s important to make the most of the space you have in your suitcase, carry on, or duffle bag.

And in addition to optimizing space, you also want to do your best to keep your clothing – especially those nice pieces – safe and as wrinkle-free as possible.

How to fold and pack a dress shirt. Scroll through the photos below for the step-by-step guide.

And here are a few common questions answered…

Is it possible to pack a dress shirt so it doesn’t wrinkle?

Unfortunately, no. It doesn’t matter what method you use – folding as illustrated above, another way, or rolling – the hard truth is that when you’re stuffing a piece of clothing in a small space against a bunch of other stuff, it’s going to wrinkle. Your only option is to use the iron at the hotel or to invest in a travel steamer.

How long does this method take?

About one minute.

Is it worth the effort?

Absolutely. I used to lamely fold my dress shirts and waste a ton of space in my luggage as a result. This folding method is extremely compact and saves a ton of space. Plus, it’s extremely symmetrical – the resulting small square is very easy to situate in a suitcase, carry-on, or duffle bag.

You may also want to know - How To Pack a Blazer

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